Organic Market at Warung Alami







                                 ワルン・アラミ 店主


The  Organic Market at the warung alami, is poend every Tuesday mornig , start at 9:00am- until afternoon.

In front of warung alami,we sale the products  the safe , natural , handmade , that made by individuals.

The motto of Arami, the daily health is  from the safety and healty foods,so we provide a delicious and healty meal  .

Our products also sales at the organic market , just  made with healthy and natural because we cherish hope our health.


Of course , Arami market is the place to look for the good products . However, in addition ,it is also a forum for communication with customers and producters who are looking for our happiness and health.

Tuesdays, have a nice time.

                                                                                              warung alami    owner