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Alami 's Original Soap

Sabun Alami Ubud

Message from sabun alami ubud
  Firstly, I made soap for my family because 
  I hope the health of my family,
  And now , I hope more many people use my soap.
  We are glad if you find happiness by using this soap
  which was full of our heart.
About "Sabun Alami Ubud"
  Sabun Alami Ubud is purely handmade. It is made from the
  coconut that growth naturaly in Bali.
  To get the fragrant coconut oil we have to make
  from the boiled of the squeezed ripe's coconut milk.
  Coconut oil itself contain essence that moistness your hairs
  & skin.
  Sabun Alami Ubud is made by 100% organic natural coconut oil &
  coconut milk with some essential and fragrant oil and it's
  absolutely preservative free.                           
  For daily use, the Sabun Alami Ubud is not good only
  for our skin but it's also good for our nature.
  The natural of its ingredient will not soil the water and it's
  absolutely nature friendly. Go green, back to the nature
  and to be in the circle of the nature concept is
  the basic idea on the making of the soap.
  That's why we name
  the soap "Sabun Alami UBud".
  * 100% natural ingredient soap base
  * Preservative Free
  * Best used before 12 month of the production date
  * Store in cool and dry place